The Upside of Consumer Habits?


I couldn't disagree more...


Sean said...

Oh, to gaze upon the flowers instead of the thorns; it makes for happier times you know.

I don't disagree with him. However, I feel as if he part & parceled the thing out, like taking a peperoni from a pizza, & then called it "pizza is ok." Well, you did a great job at saying peperoni is ok, but to validate pizza isn't what you did. It's a much broader subject than that. Too, taking choice from an American is like taking blue out of the sky. We can't fathom the idea of life without choice & that generally based upon "ease of living."

Josh Hopping said...

interesting article... on the surface Richard Mouw makes sense even though I think he missed the bigger or deeper picture.

In his world of being a seminary president, 'shopping around' means struggling with theological and ecclesiology doctrines and values. Case in point being the young lady he highlights in the article who is struggling with her Presbyterian 'roots', Reformed theology, and Vineyard-type ministry. In this struggle, I can see and agree with Mouw as God leads each person into the tribe or group that He wants them to journey with.

On the flip side, I also think that Mouw misses the big picture of the consumerism of the general public who switch churches, not out of theology or ecclesiology upheaval, but because they are bored and want something 'new.' It is a search to have their 'need' met in a fun and exciting way instead of looking and watching for where the place that Jesus wants them.

Sean said it best when he stated that Mouw took the peperoni off the pizza and called the peperoni a "good pizza."