The Seeds of Destruction

I was recently involved in an interesting conversation.  It took place between a christian woman in her 60's and christian man in his 30's.

Cheryl was lamenting the destruction of the family unit, and the family bond.  She was expressing her frustration that her own children (who were now John's age) had left home, moved to a different city, and now she had less time to see her children and grand-children.  She was pointing out that this pattern of life is not 'christian.'  John was trying (tactfully) to point out that Cheryl's generation had begun the cultural trend toward individualism and the fracturing of relational ties, but she seemed to fail to grasp the point he was making.

The irony of this conversation, is that it took place in a suburban living room, very far (in geographical distance) from Cheryl's ancestral home, not to mention very far (in social distance) from everyone in the neighborhood.  The irony is that Cheryl is a member of a (not quite) mega-church, that she came to attend after abandoning the church family she grew up in, and raised her children in.  The irony is that Cheryl's way of life is the seed which bears fruit in her children.

The boomer generation created suburban isolationism, and fragmented society with its individualism.  Today's youth culture is much more aware of its need for relationship, in fact, it may very well be the pursuit of authentic community that has driven Jane's children to move away from her suburban lifestyle.

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