"Christ came to liberate mankind from the penalty of sin and to release individuals from the consequences of sin and from the oppression of evil spirits. Oppression in the world manifests in many forms: economic, ethnic, political, religious, cultural, and demonic.
To fully express the love and compassion of God to the community, we must address all the needs present: social, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Jesus has come to set those people free and to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord. He's come to redeem and save them, forgive their sins, take them out of their plight, and set them on a new road leading ultimately to their total redemption and deliverance when Christ's kingdom comes in its fullness." 
John Wimber


The Pastor's Job

"If pastors are meant to be believers who are called to serve the rest of the priesthood, then their most difficult and thankless tasks are to offend people with Scripture, to expose their own failures and messes, and to confront the most embedded cultural sins of our time."

Iani Dunbar



There are lots of different ways to make people feel welcome, and there are lots of different ways to communicate that welcome to people, but the most fundamental thing that we can do to make people feel welcome is to actually welcome them.

When we are enjoying the presence of another, and excited to find them in our home or community, that is the single most important factor in making them feel welcomed, all other attempts to make them feel included hinge upon this reality.

Build with Strength

"Train faithful men, don't try to train men to be faithful."

I heard this the other day, and thought it worthy of reflection.  I find it to be good and wise advice, so long as it is a guideline with plenty of wiggle room, and not a rule without exception.

Find those within the community who have proven themselves committed, invested, and passionate, then teach them how to use their commitment, investment, and passion in healthy, effective, and fruitful ways.

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