The Secret pt IV

Contemporary Gnosticism: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We've looked at some of the positive attributes of contemporary gnosticism, now lets continue with a look at how the teachings of 'the Secret' are contradictory to reality, and antithetical to God's Kingdom.

The Bad:
1) The path to accomplishing our purposes requires more than 'believing.'
The so-called 'Law of Attraction,' whereby one thinks and desires something in order to attain it, is sorely misleading.  We cannot get what we want by wishing for it.  Although it is absolutely true that desire is a part of the process, there is also much more involved.  Wise understanding about the nature of the world around us is needed, and a practical course of action by which our goals can be attained, not to mention a resolute commitment to that course, and a practiced diligence.
2) Truth does indeed exist, whether or not we are inconvenienced by it.
New-Age spirituality's embrace of 'inner truth' coincides with a willingness to ignore universal truth claims.  We cannot have what is contrary to reality.  This includes spirituality.  Not all paths lead to fulfillment, and not all paths lead to God.  Either the claims of Christianity are true, or they are not; either the resurrection happened, or it didn't; either Jesus is divine, or he isn't.  One must chose.
3) We aren't the only power at work in the world.
Contemporary gnostic navel-gazing downplays the reality of other actors effecting our reality.  If it is true that I have power, then it must also be true that other humans have power, and their power can impinge upon my life.  As well, there are beings other than humans who exercise power over us.  Demonic forces are indeed real, and have the ability to effect our world.  What's more, God Himself is an actor in our world, and He is the true power at work in our Universe.  A belief in the inherent power of individual human beings must be tempered by these truths; indeed the power inherent in us must be submitted to God in order to become truly powerful and truly good.  Which brings us to the next point...
4) Our identities are broken, and so our desires are corrupted.
Ancient gnosticism prescribed the renunciation of desire, contemporary gnosticism encourages the pursuit of desire.  The genius of Jesus' ethical teaching is that neither course of action is the correct one; our desires must be retrained before they can be pursued.  Human beings are a walking jumble of alienation, angst, fear, and pain.  Encouraging a human, broken in such a way, to look deep within and pursue whatever is found there, is a recipe for disaster.  New Age teachings are blind to the simple truth that evil in the world results from the pursuit of untrained desire.

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