The Secret pt III

Contemporary Gnosticism: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

If you are familiar with contemporary New-Age teachings, or if you simply watched the videos in the previous post, then you should be able to spot the obvious lies.  But the most effective lies are half truths and partial deceptions.  This is no exception and a deeper look will be illuminating.

So lets look at the Good in contemporary gnosticism, the Bad in it, and then we will look at the Ugly in contemporary christianity.

The Good:
1) The emphasis on human potential.
The power and potential of human beings is real and indeed immense! We are the image of God, set in the garden as a mirror to reflect God out to the created order and to reflect the worship of creation back to God.  We are indeed created to rule and reign in God's authority; we have been vested with the power to re-create the universe!
2) The focus on tapping into our deepest desires.
The pursuit of something bigger than ourselves is vital to our own health and that of the world around us.  Dreams are to be encouraged and pursued!  Our desires do indeed have the capacity to take us into the realm of something larger and more comprehensive.  Even more, the desires that flow out of our identity should not be repressed; it is indeed dangerous to deny who we are.
3) The awareness of energy in all things.
The universe is indeed full of vibrancy and life; the rocks cry out, "Hosannah," the oceans reveal glory, the mountains display righteousness.  In a universe that contains the Incarnation, material reality is indeed imbued with deep theological significance!
4) The embrace of a holistic spirituality.
Spirituality should indeed effect everything in our life; family, housing, occupation, relationships, are all impacted by the spirituality we embrace

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