Prosperity in the Kingdom

I have to repent!

A friend of mine helped me to realize something. I am wrong to disparage the 'prosperity gospel.'

Prosperity is exactly what the Kingdom promises! Scripture prophecies:

No more pain!
No more crying!
No more weakness or corruption!
No more curse!
No more hunger!
No more war!
No more lack!
No more disease!
No more sin!

We have authority to rule over the earth!

Prosperity is too weak a word for this!


Let us be clear, the real problem with the prosperity gospel as we see it today is not in the promise of prosperity!

...rather, it is in the failure to realize where we are in the story.

The Kingdom is both now, and not yet. Life in the Kingdom will be prosperous! But that prosperity is still future. We taste the first fruits now, but the fullness of times is yet to come.

The problem is not in the claim to abundance!

...rather it is in the failure to kiss the Cross.

The Resurrection comes after the Crucifixion. Scripture is clear; we must die in order to live. We must suffer first, and then prosper.


LindaFaye said...

Very well put! I must agree.

Lovely Lauren said...

Name it and claim it! amen :)