Broken Tomato Cages pt II

The tomato cage parable is one that applies to many situations, but most certainly to any social movement as these tend to institutionalize.

Specifically, we are talking about the Church.


Christians are oft guilty of focusing on the external trappings of Christianity, while neglecting the life of the Spirit. We plant tomato cages instead of tending to the living plants in the garden...

What do you do when this happens?

One possible solution is to simply break the tomato cages. When the tomato cages of institutional church are broken, then we might actually start trying to grow tomato plants again, or better yet, realize that, while the garden is still full of life, it is not tomatoes in the garden, but rather God has planted other good things for us to tend!

Until the cages are broken, we will talk endlessly about perfecting the technology of the tomato cage, continuing to live in the distraction of misplaced purpose, misunderstood mission, and misdiagnosed strategy.

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