I would love to see real dialogue take place, but it will never happen if people (on both sides) will not stop fighting straw men. You will never have a real dialogue if you try and make your opponent look as stupid as possible. Instead try and make him look as smart as possible, give him every benefit of the doubt, interpret his words in the best possible light, and then do battle with those ideas!


Sean said...

Good luck! That would be pretty nice.

I have found few people, you are in this group, that I can enter into robust argument with. Being right for most people is more important than understanding the truth. Too, being wrong is often too difficult for most people, including me; but I've learned how to run with the a side-ache!

Steve S. said...

I am with ya!

It is difficult to come across, most people are unwilling to hear another person, or to actually think, or to admit the possibility that there cherished beliefs might be incorrect...

When you come across it, you have found treasure!