I’m starting to believe
that as a Christian to achieve
That zoe type of life
I must rival and strife

because Paul pleaded with God thrice
to remove that thorn in his flesh which tormented his life
But God said, “No.”
Why?  Perhaps to show
that the grace of God is sufficient for you
for in your weakness you are made perfect, which is true

the Bible does not state what affliction made Paul weak
But, because of this weakness God had to be constantly seeked

so I delight in insults
or hardship or persecution, that makes life difficult
for when I am weak I’m actually strong
and my need for God, my soul will long

He rains on the unjust and also the just
so in God’s consults I must trust

so I’m not just grateful
but also thankful
for these infirmities
‘cause they put a stamp on my heart that God I will always need

         -Nu Creation

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