Sarafina and Randy on Your Wedding Day

I pray that God always wraps you in His loving arms,
and any loved ones Saraphina has back home that,
that generation, and the next generation, and the next generation,
will never succumb to harm.

I pray that God stretches out His mighty hand,
and not only bless you with children,
but with grands, and great-grands, and great-great-grands.

I pray that God always shows you favor, and favor isn't fair you see,
but I pray that He always shows favor to thee.

I pray that God's love would reach,
and bless Minister Randy with mighty words to preach.

I pray that the course that Sarafina's voice takes,
opens up heaven's floodgates and pours down blessings in the amount of
the Great Lakes.

I pray that God always keeps you,
and blesses you,
and protects you,
and favors you,
and loves you.

I pray that from you, raise up mighty warriors of God,
that stand for God,
and fight for God,
and screams, "Hallelujah," for God,
audibly loud!

I pray that my only plea would always be,
that God's grace upon thee would last an eternity.

-Nu Creation

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