God's Plan

"There is a made-up story that describes Jesus returning to heaven after His sojourn here on earth. The angels gathered around the Lord to find out about all the things that happened on earth. Jesus explained to the angels how He lived among people, shared His teachings, expressed His love, died on the cross to atone for humanity’s sins, and was resurrected to declare that the new kingdom is at hand.

When he finished telling his story, Michael the archangel asked the Lord, “What happens now?”

Jesus answered, “I left behind a handful of faithful men and women. They will tell the story! They will express the love! They will spread the Kingdom!”

“But what if they fail?” asked Michael. “What will then be the plan?”

Jesus answered Michael by saying, “There is no other plan!”

Ours is the responsibility to be the instruments for the propagation of God’s truth. That is the task of the church."

Tony Campolo

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