Satan Pacifying the Church

A few years back I heard a pastor comment “The Church is sleeping, and when she stirs from her slumber, Satan pulls the covers back over her, tucks her in, and eases her back to sleep.”

The image stuck with me...

Another pastor at that same event proclaimed 'the church (God's people pursuing God's purposes) is the hope of the world!' But he went on to show how the average Christian is unaware of the real meaning of life, the real source of joy and purpose. We confuse things; we think God wants to be a part of our lives. We think God wants to be a part of our family, bless our career, show us how to live a good and moral life.

God wants to invite us to be a part of His life.

The Church has become a place to receive goods and services, a place to learn how to live a blessed life, a place to leave when it ceases to meet our desires. The Church has been pacified by the American Dream. We are asleep on with our head on a pillow called 'comfort,' tucked into a blanket called 'success,' dreaming fantastic consumer dreams.

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LindaFaye said...

I hear ya loud and clear. Do people want to wake up? And how can we show them that the dream really isn't that great? I've heard it called the American nightmare..