I am still in LOVE with Steve!!!!

Well to start this, in case anyone was wondering this is Tamy!!! hahaha

So tonight my husband was going to take my kiddos to a graduation ceremony without me as I am working. So after all the face and hand scurbbing, redressing, finding all the shoes and socks and coats 3 kids are at the door ready to go....My youngest decides to stand on his dad's guitar case (which he knows he is not supposed to) so Dad takes his foot and bops him on the butt. Which happened to catch Aidan off balance and landed him on his face, and he started crying. So I then take the opportunity to scold my husband in front of the kids and a friend. After the kids and the friend go to the car and Steve says " you are riding me, that was accident." I am still a little miffed and so I tell him my side then end up saying I am sorry, and go and apologize to the friend for scolding Steve in front of him, then they all drive off......

So I start to reflect and realize that I can really point out all of his wrongs and I can't remember him doing that to me. He is a easy-going man who really has patience with a wife that can be..Yes a NAG!!! I hate to say it but there are times when I really can just NAG him, and I am confessing it cause I need to stop it.

So I love Steve because :

He is patient and kind

He genuinely loves people with a nonjudgemental and complete kind of love

He is truly follows Jesus, I live closer to him than anyone and I still respect his character and feel blessed to call him husband

He plays with his kids, and everyone elses too!

He looks at me like I am 20 years old and just recently stole his heart...but it has been 11 years, 3 kids, a cross country move (with children), a church plant, and definately some great and some hard times...

He is a man with little to prove and great desire to learn

I have seen him put other men at ease no matter where they are from or what they are doing....he is relatable and genuine

So Steve I love ya and I'll be trying not to nag ya!!! thanks for all your patience....



LindaFaye said...

thanks for confessing!! you're awesome! let's talk soon. :)

Lovely Lauren said...

watery eyes :)
ilove your little family :)
thank you for putting yourself out there.

Anonymous said...

...don't forget to mention how HOT he is?