Disciples or Customers

"The reason several thousand volunteers do what they do ... is because those volunteers understand that we're not simply parking cars, we're not simply taking care of kids ... we're creating irresistible environments. When people come into those environments, there's kind of an ‘aha’ moment as they begin to connect with not a church, and not a message, and certainly not a person, but they begin to connect with the relevance of the gospel and the relevance of Scripture as it relates to their everyday experience."

A Famous American Megachurch Pastor


While I admit, I want to play the same game. I want to gather crowds who affirm my calling and ministry by nodding and smiling at appropriate moments, and giving their energy and money to my vision for their lives. But, I have to question a system that defines 'spiritual success' as people being provided with 'irresistable environments' by virtue of scratching their consumer itch.


"Whoever wants to be my student must be nailed to a piece of wood and left for dead."

A Famous Palestinian Revolutionary

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~eljefe said...

I went straight from your post here to one of your blogger links below:

And was encouraged by both...but also got my brain thinking that the "Sunday church experience" should be a Kingdom experience...so how do we encourage volunteers in working/serving/making services happen week in and week out?

I like this uncomfortable (at least for me its uncomfortable) post because services may look the same, but the 'success' may be measured differently... and I like seeing why.