A Bloody Dream

For only the second time in my life I had a prophetic dream.

This was several months ago when I was in Texas with friends.

In my dream I was with a friend from my childhood. He and I had spent many years as friends, but haven't talked much with each other since I moved East.

My friend was not living with God, and his life was being destroyed by it. In my dream there was a real sense of urgency, as though God was offering him a choice with drastic consequences...

I felt strongly that God wanted to give something to my friend, then (while I was still dreaming) God spoke to me about my friend, "I want to make him a father to the fatherless."


I immediately woke up, and jolted upright in my bed.

I began to pray for my friend. A few minutes later I realized that I was wide awake and was unable to go back to sleep. I decided to go into the hotel bathroom to read so as not to wake my wife.

When I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, my face was covered with blood!

In somewhat of a daze I walked back into the room to see that my pillow also had blood all over it. I woke my wife and shared what happened with her.


Later that day I was able to call my friend and share with him what had happened. I wish he had cried out to God. He didn't. But he did acknowledge the message that was given in the dream. I continue to pray that God would give him the gift, and that my friend would receive it.

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