Ba-Boom-Boom Sunday

Two weeks ago a discussion broke out in church regarding the christian response to homosexuality and the homosexual community. It was too much for that Sunday (we were already in the midst of another discussion) so we settled on today to continue the discussion.

So I have a few introductory ideas, and some conversational ground rules, but will be opening this up for the church to discuss. I have some passages to look at if we need them, but won't be doing too much preaching...

Of course, I didn't realize we were scheduling our sex talk for Gay Pride Sunday.


Yesterday morning I was met by a woman who was going out to 'do battle' against the Gay Pride parade, and she encouraged me to pray likewise.

I also have at least two evangelical pastor friends who are convinced that same gender sexual activity is not sinful.

I guess we need to be having this conversation...


My new friend Japhet, from Tanzania, calls sex 'Ba-Boom-Boom.'

So 'Ba-Boom-Boom Sunday' here we come!

(I'll let you know how it goes)


Devoted said...

It is a tough discussion to have, for sure. We must always remember first and foremost we are to love the sinner and hate the sin. Something we can only do through His Spirit that dwells within us.

LindaFaye said...

This is a great conversation to have. So many believers really don't know how to respond.

Steve S. said...

I agree!

It is too easy to stick our head in the sand and ignore the issue, or to simply approach it with the pat conservative, or pat liberal, answer...

All three options fail at being scriptural, and Christlike...

But the fourth option is not an easy one.

Prayer, reflection, and a measured response.