Sean did it!

So I am getting ready to head to Stafford, TX today...

Yes, it is all Sean's fault. Sean McMasters of the clan McMasters! (send hatemail here)

He convinced me that we had to write papers for the Society of Vineyard Scholars' first annual conference. I submitted mine, he never finished his! And lo and behold, mine was accepted.

So I am off!

(And no, Sean isn't coming with me! He didn't even offer to pay for my airfare! Can you believe some people?)


Sean said...

I am guilty as charged.

"Yes...Yes...I was wrong, but not very remorseful."

Wish I could go! Next year...

Have fun.

passamike said...

send him a bill with a some sort of scholarly remark about how his salvation is dependent upon being current with all of his debts...:)