Emerging Theological Conundrum

Emerging theology compels us to engage in theological reflection with diverse voices.

However, emerging theology is largely the construct of post-conservative, evangelical, white people. Conversely, those diverse voices we feel compelled to listen to, are decidedly less-than-emerging theologically and practically. We are compelled to enter into partnership with people, (not merely allow them into the country club, but share power with them) and allow them to change things.

This is an interesting problem.

Our theological compulsion is leading us to a place where our theology might be significantly shifted, perhaps into directions that we have consciously rejected with disdain!


Sean said...

This was one of the issues Samuel Escobar raised in the book we both read of his. Too, this has long been an issue in missions: Here's Jesus; Here's OUR Jesus; Here's OUR theology. Thankfully, in the Anglican church Africa, which many people are aligning with, are creating their own theology in lite of their Father's downward shift.

LindaFaye said...

how sad that church and the world of theology really are kinda like a country club.