A PostModern Manifesto

My right to say what I want
And think the way I wanna think
My right
I wanna speak my mind
My right to yell my right to scream
My right
No one's ever gonna
Tell me what I have to do

I'll live my life the way I want
I don't care about your little world
And I can't believe you're telling me
What's good for me how do you know what's good?
And I can't believe you're telling me
What to believe, get away from me - my right

No matter what I do
To you, its one big mistake
Well I'm sick of you I know I'm right
You sleazy money grubbing fake
My right, my life, my soul, my mind
My body, my existence means
That I don't have to listen to you
It's my right cause I'm a human being

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