Why is it so hard to understand each other?

Seems like most of the disagreements I have with people aren't actually places where we fail to agree with each other, but rather places where we fail to understand each other.


Two professors, in a public debate, after spending a good length of time going back and forth, interrupted the evening to address the crowd.

"You have no idea how rare this is," they stated, "the two of us have actually agreed upon our disagreement." They went on, "it is very difficult for two people to ever come to an agreement about the exact point at which they fail to agree, but we have come to that place, and now real debate can actually begin!"


Too often we are like athletes on a field of contest, I am convinced that you have broken the rules of the game of volleyball, while you are convinced that you are winning the game of soccer. Very rarely do we realize that we are both playing different sports, and reading different rule books...

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Sean said...

Too true. I am often mystified by how arguments go. It can really turn into some weird morphing animal.