The Way It Was

A preacher's voice came through the speaker of my work truck. He was lamenting the suicide of a teenager in Florida. She had hung herself in her family garage.

The radio preacher began to get fired up!

"America has gone downhill in the last forty years!"

"We never used to have kids hanging themselves!"

"What is wrong here is we have stopped preaching the truth to these kids, we don't need to be 'relevant' we just need to tell them the truth!"

"We need to go back to the way it was!"

"Back then people got told the truth, they heard the gospel..."

"There was not any of this pandering to people, telling them what they want to hear, all of that liberal nonsense!"

You're right pastor 40 years ago, teenagers weren't hanging themselves...




Sure was better back then wasn't it?


Steve S. said...

Better for who?

Better how?



Sean said...

Too, what's that all mean. When someone has problems, I assume this girl had problems, do I just tell her about Jesus & "poof!" away go the rainclouds in her life? Is telling people the "truth" just a form of magic?

passamike said...

Oh Jesus, may we know you-the-truth and not the popular, politically-correct-truth or the religiously-correct- truth, but the incarnational truth who lived, died and rose again, giving a new and never ending evolution of the never able to completely know or understand TRUTH.

Steve S. said...

There is a local Christian station with a lot of preaching on it...

There are a couple of old time preachers that I really like, and a couple that really bug me...

This one came from one of the guys that bugs me. The things I have heard him say...