Moral Confusion

"The reason to turn off the porn might become, to thoughtful people, not a moral one but, in a way, a physical- and emotional-health one; you might want to rethink your constant access to porn in the same way that, if you want to be an athlete, you rethink your smoking. The evidence is in: Greater supply of the stimulant equals diminished capacity."

From the article linked above.


The world is confused about morality.

The quote above shows how this journalist views morality, namely, it is what you should do, whether or not it is actually good or bad for you to do. People use the word moral to indicate, not something that is good or the delineation of good from bad, but rather to indicate what the code or law says. There is of course, the implicit assumption that the code or law has no real world relationship to what is good or bad.

This is, however, a completely ignorant point of view.


To say that something is bad for you, or them, or society as a whole, is to say that it is immoral! To say that something is immoral is to say that it is bad for you!

Of course people are often confused about specific moral judgments, 'Why is this wrong, or that bad?' Why is this right, or that good?' There is a place for explanation, but this doesn't change the reality, if something is wrong, it is because it is bad for you!

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