God is With You!

Every Sunday morning we go to a local nursing home and serve food and drinks and then sing songs to Jesus. It is a blessing to the residents and the staff...

This morning, I was the one to get the blessing.

An old woman, named Juanita (with all of two and a half teeth), always claps incessantly whenever the music starts. I have had a few terse conversations with her since we have been there, and I would have assessed her as 'not all there,' but not 'totally gone.' She usually has something to say that has something to do with Jesus.

'Praise Jesus,'

'Thank God for Jesus.'

This morning I went over near her and a couple of other older ladies and began to play my guitar and sing. Then I began to talk to Juanita, or rather, she began to talk to me. Prophecy over me is more like it!

God is with you! He loves you!

You know what you want, why don't you just go get it! He is with you. He is with you!

Thank God for Jesus!

Praise Him!

You just take it easy, He is with you. God is with you! He loves you!

You just take it easy!

He is with you, so just go and get it...

I wasn't sure how to respond, so I cried, and said, 'Amen!'


I hope when I am old and crazy, there is nothing left in me but Jesus. When I open my mouth, if it doesn't make sense or if it does, at least it is about Jesus.

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