Mis Hermanos de Santa Cruz

What an amazing 10 days!

We really got to see some amazing things take place, here are some highlights:

Community BBQ's were a great success, free food, free games and face painting for kids, tons of conversation with neighbors, and LOTS of opportunity to pray over many people. We followed the BBQ with worship, and had a great time praising an amazing Savior with neighbors watching, or joining in...

Cory launched his Friday night street ministry the last night of the trip. We were invited into homes (and offered a host home if we needed one!), prayed with TONS of people. Prayed over people who were drinking/smoking, prayed with people who were hurting, prayed with people who were praising; prayed for muslims, prayed for christians, and agnostics... We spent about an hour and a half praying over people, and had to stop what we were doing to go home, but we could have stayed there for... well, forever! Almost everyone said, 'yes' and even the ones who said, 'no' seemed blessed that we offered.

Two of the people who came to Buffalo from Santa Cruz were still 'counting the cost' of following Jesus when they arrived here. But before they left they made a determined choice to give their lives to Jesus and His purposes! (Wild ride ahead!)

Went to the top of City Hall, on the observation deck where you can see for miles and prayed over the whole city.

The real depth of community that took place between two different groups of people from opposite sides of the country! Amazing times of intimate worship, prayer and prophetic words for each other.

'God help me, I'm addicted to crack!'
One of the men from a neighborhood we minister in confessed his addiction, and spent several days with us staying clean until he could get into a year-long Christian Discipleship/Rehab.

We had a couple of people from different neighborhoods show up to church on Sunday, and discipleship group on Wednesday, after connecting with us at one of the neighborhood BBQ's, both of them were moved by the Spirit to tears.

Sunday night, seeing a whole room full of people, praising God, and laying hands on one another in prayer.

I could go on, and on...

God spoke, healed, touched, called, encouraged, convicted, welcomed, included, and saved!

Jesus is ALIVE, and He is LORD!!

It was an amazing 10 days!

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