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This week I received an email in my inbox.  It was just an advertisement, but it caught my eye.  (You can read it below with the personal content removed)  The advertisement was for churches to learn how to boost the amount of money they receive in weekly giving.

Now, on the face of it, this always seems a little suspect to me, but I thought I would at least read the email and see what this person had to say.  After reading it, however, my resolve was only strengthened, that our church should never engage in these kinds of attitudes.

Instead of trying to bring in as much money as possible, the church should be trying to figure out how to teach people to use their own personal finances to advance God's Kingdom in their own life, and in their own sphere of influence.  The church woefully misunderstands its power and its influence when it thinks of its resources in terms of what is in the church budget.  To be succinct the financial resources of the local church include all of the wealth that all of its members possess.

Think of the scope.  Even a church that was filled with committed tithers would have a church budget that equalled 10% of the income of its members.  What if, instead of thinking about how to get more people to give to the church (focusing on that 10%), we tried to mobilize church members to use the 90% in ways that honor God and advance His Kingdom?

This is where financial power could truly be used in creative and fruitful ways:

Instead of aiming to get 100% of our members to give 10% of their income to the church, lets focus on getting 100% of our members to recognized that 100% of their income belongs to God, and that they will have to give an account to Him for how they used that money to cooperate with His will in their own household, and in their own community.

Here is the letter:


We're cruising toward the "crunch time" of 2016. A mere days away from the 4th quarter of the year. 
How has your giving been?
How was it today?
Do you ever ask yourself the following questions:
Q. How well is the church's ministry vision being funded?
Q. What are we having to cut because of a lack of giving?
Q. What aren't the tithes and offerings at the same level they used to be?
Q. How can I get my church members to give more regularly?
If you are asking yourself ANY of these questions, it's important for you to join me for...
3 Secrets To Boost Your Recurring Giving
It's a completely free webinar I am going to hold and I'm going to help you get very positive answers to those questions.
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