Can everyone be a leader?

Is the capacity hardwired into every person?  ...or only some?

The older I get, the more I tend to think leadership is unique to some people, and not all people possess it...  It stands to reason that leadership potential exists on a spectrum, (it's not an off/on thing) but there it is, some people have more, others less.

Of course, we need to define a few things.  First, leadership itself can be largely defined by influence and responsibility.  Leaders wield influence, and leaders take responsibility.  My daughter is naturally a leader; she often tells me what to do.  ;-)

Which brings up a second caveat: leadership is not inherently more valuable than other skills.  Leadership must be exercised in a healthy way, and in a healthy direction.  Hitler and Mother Teresa were both leaders.  Leaders can lead people as servants or as lords, they can lead people to heaven or to hell.

A friend of mine today talked about the difference between leading people in terms of 'arts and crafts.'  Leading someone in a craft means we begin with a common vision of what we will create; with the end in mind.  Leading someone in art means we begin with a common set of materials and inspirations; with the end up in the air.

Another friend added to this, the second approach is less like giving building something, and more like planting a seed and waiting to see what will grow out of it.  It requires patience and faith...

I'm waiting to explore this with them further...

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