My Pastor Says...

A couple of Pastor Mike quotes that have meant a lot to me over the years. These words may not seem like much at first, but they have worked wonders in my life:

"Don't major on the minors."

Sometimes we can confuse speaking truly, with emphasizing the correct truth. It is the difference between wisdom and knowledge. Knowing what is true is good, but understanding when that truth is applicable is better. A hammer is a good tool, but it isn't very useful for ripping plywood. All truths are true, and so each truth is a useful tool, but we must decide when to use it. And just as a carpenter's speed square is more important than his 1/8" chisel, some truths are more necessary than others.

We should emphasize the more important truths.

When we greatly emphasize something that scripture teaches as true, but does not emphasize, then we are not being true to scripture.


"I don't know!"

I can't tell you what a breathe of fresh air this was! The first time I heard my pastor answer someone's question this way I thought, "you can do that!?" I thought being a christian meant you knew everything! How wonderful it was to recover mystery and humility in a single moment!


Josh Hopping said...

Good quotes and truths to live by.

LindaFaye said...

Sure do love Pastor Mike. What a great guy. One time he told me and Sarah we were the next Mother Theresa's of our generation. I think he believes that about all his kids. What a privilege to have him as our spiritual dad.