A Glorious Night

Just 20 minutes ago everyone finally left our house...

It was a glorious evening. Our house was full of people, and full of the Spirit. We had lots of first time guests.

India and her two kids came with Jamie. She hasn't been to church in years, and she teared up while we sang, and again when she told me afterwards that she could feel the weight lifting off her shoulders when she walked into our house.

Eddie came with Alan. He is a believer, but he just recently lost his father. We were able to pray for him, and hopefully, offer him some encouragement and brotherhood.

John and Bob came with Martin. John passed out on the couch, sleeping off his beer while we sang and prayed. Bob seemed encouraged to be there, we were blessed to have him. And Martin received a word from God, prayer, and hope.

The house was full of kids playing. We celebrated Faith's 4th birthday upstairs at the Kauffman's, the food was amazing! The kids had cake and then beat the tar out of a pinata. Then we came downstairs to sing songs to Jesus with Paul and Jeff banging the drums. During worship Jamie, India and her kids came in. We prayed, and Janine shared an image God had given her, for herself, and for others, of an open space that represented her heart, surrounded by pillars. The pillars represented things that kept God out of our hearts, the enemies lies that we believe, disobedience and rebellion, confusion, but God wanted to knock the pillars down! Martin responded to the word, and we prayed for Martin and Janine. Then Eddie came in and shared. We prayed for him too...

It is nights like these (surrounded by friends, and welcoming newcomers, to a community where Jesus is the center) that make me so grateful to God for sending us to this City. I wouldn't trade this away for anything.


~bean said...

It was indeed an incredible night. God is softening hearts...including mine!

Joshua Hopping said...

Awesome! All Glory to the King! =)