Society of Vineyard Scholars: Second Annual Convention

Introducing Society of Vineyard Scholars from societyofvineyardscholars on Vimeo.

So it's off to Seattle.

In another month and a half I get to head across the states for the second round of SVS. Last year was a blast (although I felt a little like the emperor with no clothes, waiting at every turn for someone to ask about my 'scholarly' credentials!), and I look forward to this year.

Last year was my first time attending a scholarly conference, and my first time presenting a paper in such a setting. This year have a little more knowledge of what to expect!

Let me know if you wanna join me!


Sean said...

Two things:

Liars are fryers!
If you buyin' I'm flyin!


Kyle Stevens said...

What are the dates? We are going to be making a trip up there. Maybe they could be at the same time? Let me know.