Paper Pt XV: Show and Tell


As we said at the outset, what we do communicates our theology. Even the ‘roommate wanted’ ads attached to the Church bulletin board, intentionally or unintentionally, speak to what we think about God. In four specific areas we will attempt to diagnose the underlying problematic theology, and recommend practices that communicate a theology of the Kingdom, centered on the power and purposes of God as revealed in the Cross.

Most of what has been presented above is not new material, nor is it peripheral to the discussions going on in Christian circles. The main contention and concern behind this paper is the failure of a thoughtful and cohesive implementation of Kingdom theology to the everyday practices of the Church. We are talking the talk, but not walking the walk. We are guilty of bad praxis more often than we are guilty of bad theology, but whatever the root cause, the agenda must change. The agenda going forward must be to find ways to make each of these areas an avenue for fostering a Kingdom Vision of the Church, in terms of God’s purpose and power revealed in the Cross! It is in the following areas (Spotlighting, Counting, Prioritizing, and Defining) that a more thoughtful praxis will enable us to fix our focus on the whole story, instead of our lines, or our costume.

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Josh Hopping said...

Well said.

I think the reason we don't 'walk' things out is because we really don't understand Kingdom Theology. We say we do - and in some areas we do understand it (i.e prayer and healing ministries). But when it comes right down to living, we tend to fall into the comfront trap of doing what everyone else in Christiandom is doing. It is hard to buck the trend and teach/living a different mindset. =?